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Video in German language.



How to steer the Podbike in German language.


Norway's Minister of Transport, Knut Arild Hareide, tried the Podbike.

Norway´s first "bicycle highway" had it´s official opening today. A highway perfect for heaps of Podbikes ?Podbike made the spotlight on a lot of local and national news today! The Norwegian Minister of Transport, Knut Arild Hareide even got to try the Podbike. ?Congratulations to everybody involved in this great bicycle highway project!

Publisert av Podbike Onsdag 2. september 2020


Five Podbikes (pod)biking together

Sometimes everything doesn't work according to the marketing manager's plan ?#1 Note to self: Check if the grass is slippery before you plan for the Podbikes to start without push help. #2 Note to self: If you wish to capture the sound of the Podbikes. Don't run so fast that your heavy breathing is louder than the sound of the Podbikes. Embarrassed greetings from Janet ?Still, it was nice to see five Podbikes (pod)biking together, right!?! ?

Publisert av Podbike Onsdag 10. juni 2020